Lavetti Vegas

Loyalty & Laughter Comedy Special

The half hour comedy special, “Loyalty & Laughter” out now!!!! Watch it now under the Video Gallery Page. This is Lavetti Vegas first half hour Comedy Special. He talks about his relationship, gets interrupted by an audience member, talks to the crowd and keeps it as raw and real as possible. Nothing was cut out. Everything was left on stage.

He is known as the Sensitive Diabetic. Lavetti Vegas resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He started with his very first set in the Clash of the Comics at the Omaha FunnyBone. Since then, he has traveled to do comedy in cities in Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Georgia, Iowa, and Minnesota. He has hosted, opened, featured, headlined, produced and booked shows for the past 3 years. He’s a master at crowd work and loves to please the crowd. This is his first special and he leaves it all on the stage. Enjoy this special and look for more to come from comedy’s very own, Sensitive Diabetic


Lavetti Vegas has been doing stand up for 3 years. He started comedy by a mistake. He was trying to sign his friend up to perform and the promoter told him, “Either you go up or no one goes up”. So, he went up and bombed as normal comedians do their first time on stage. From there, he began to write and practice. He never took it seriously though. It wasn’t until 2019 when a guy seen him at FunnyBone, the same performance he bombed, asked him to be on a show. He featured that night and did a good job.

After that, he took comedy seriously. The first out of state show he did was in his 2nd hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. He had 4 places he did comedy and even though they didn’t turn out that well, he kept writing and going. Fast forward now, he has been booked in numerous cities, has headlined and closed out shows, and now his own half hour comedy special, “Loyalty & Laughter” out now on Youtube or go watch under his Video Gallery Page.