Lavetti Vegas


Lavetti Vegas is a Comedian that resides in Omaha, Nebraska where he was also born. He started performing comedy in 2018 and fell in love instantly. One of his first performances was at the Omaha Funnybone in the Clash of the Comics. He won the contest that month. The year after that, he performed in the Floodwater Freshest Comics contest. He placed 3rd in that competition. Since then, he has performed in Atlanta, Tuscan, Denver, Iowa City, Des Moines, Colorado Springs, Kansas City and many other cities. He brings the laughs every time he hits the stage.

He is the Creator, Co-Host and Executive Producer of the local TV series, “Food & Laughter” is broadcast on KPAO, Roku TV, Apple TV and YouTube. He has a daily show he does on all his social media platforms called, “Defeated By The Internet”. His first TV show he produced was a show called, “Comedy Society”. It gave comedians a chance to perform a 5-minute set on the first season and 20-minute set on the second season when it changed its format. He produces shows in and out of town. He has booked over 40 comedians on the shows he’s produced.